My Stealth Attraction Review and Feedback

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Stealth Attraction

Let’s face it, there are tons of PUA courses available online and most of them are full of rehashed, garbage techniques that don’t really work. I expected no more from Richard La Ruina’s Stealth Attraction system, so I was really surprised when I started going through the course and found that it really was something unique.

Throughout the videos Richard demonstates his techniques in a very practical way and he uses female assistants on a number of occasions. The content is quite unique and I enjoyed watching all 3 modules, but my favourite (and definitely the hottest) part of the course by far was the “Stealth Arousal” section, where he demonstrated a number of sneaky arousal techniques on one of his sexy assistants. Trust me, this is worth the price of the whole course alone. The Stealth Attraction course is not your typical 80 page ebook, it’s a comprehensive video course where Richard teaches you his complete system in person.

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Is Stealth Attraction a Good Course to Buy?

Overall I was very impressed by the contents of the course and the practical way in which the system is taught. The “Stealth Value” section teaches a number of unique techniques for raising your value and creating interest before you even do your approach and the “Stealth Seduction and Arousal” sections contains some absolute gems that I’ve never seen before in other courses. Gambler clearly speaks from a lot of experience and you can definitely learn a lot more from him in these videos than you can from the typical ebook courses out there.

What I Didn’t Like About This Course

Daygame Blueprint

It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the Stealth Attraction course, but if I have to single out one thing that I would like to see more on it is Day Game. Richards course focuses mainly on night game and while this is exactly what most guys are looking for, I personally think that Day Game could take the skills you learn in this course to a whole new level.

Most guys focus on picking up girls at clubs and bars, so there is always a lot competition because everyone if essentially “fishing in the same pond”, but if you know how to pick up girls at shopping malls or on the street it will open up a whole new playing field for you. ¬†For more information on this you should definitely check out “Daygame Blueprint”, it’s the pefect companion to the Stealth Attraction system.

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More About Richard La Ruina

Richard la Ruina is a popular author and dating coach based in London. In his early twenties, Richard wasn’t very successful in meeting and dating women until he met famous pick up artists such as Erik Von Markovik who provided him with insights on how to be successful in picking up women in almost all social settings.

More About the Stealth Attraction Course

Stealth attraction is a home study program for men who want to learn some new tricks about the dating game. The video course has a step by step approach on how to approach a woman, how create attraction and finally how to take her home with you. The course has practical techniques which can be used immediately. It offers the newest most unique tactics for picking up women anywhere and includes:

  • How men should introduce themselves to women in order to automatically trigger sexual attraction.
  • How to deal with any rejection mechanisms women put up when they meet men for the first time with the aim of triggering meaningful conversation.
  • The magic words to use to ensure that women trust you.
  • What women want the most and how to make sure you appear as the only guy that can offer that which a woman desires the most.
  • How to master a woman’s secret body language in order to effortlessly make her consider intimacy with you.
  • How to make a woman to chase you.
  • How to trigger a bad boy image in women without appearing to be a jerk.
  • How to create the best conversations with women even if you are not a very social person.
  • How to act on your first date if you want a woman to have sex with you on the first night.
  • How to initiate a kiss on the first date without being rejected.
  • There is more information in Richard la Ruina’s DVD thus the above techniques/information just highlight some of the DVD resources.

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